Monday, June 11, 2007

My Clever Husband

I will warn you before you read any further, this post has nothing to do with stamping but everything to do with me being proud of my Husband, Glen.
Because of my addiction to stamping, Glen a few years ago went looking for a hobby for his own. He decided to try Pyrography or Wood burning and liked what he learned and has taken it from there. He belongs to a group at Caboolture that meets every week, he doesn't always make every week due to his weird shifts but enjoys his time out when he manages to get it. Unlike my stamping or scrapbooking, his projects can take many weeks or months to complete and he puts a lot of work into them all. He has completed a number of projects, some we have given away to family. A recent project was for a friend's mum and was taken from a photo of her childhood house as it is now.

This weekend was the annual Caboolture show. Glen entered last year and had planned to do so again this year. With his shifts and such, he almost forgot, so it was a rush around to get organised at the begining of last week. He entered 4 pieces - 2 burnt on paper, the Queenslander and a Steam engine, a MDF placemat of a lizard and a windmill piece on a slab of pine.

Yesterday afternoon he went to pick up the pieces from the showgrounds and came back very excited. His two paper pieces won first and third prizes. Last night he was on such a high, to win a prize in the local show is a real esteem builder. So I just had to share with you all how proud I am of my husband.

Well done, Glen

This is a photo of the two place getters.


Melissa said...

Wow, those are really amazing. And all that is done with wood burning?
He should be very proud.

Lorie said...

I can see why you are proud of him! Great pictures!